Tesla Announces Roadster SpaceX Performance Pack



In typical Musk fashion,  the 0-100 km/h in 1.6 seconds figure was not fast enough, the boss just announced a SpaceX performance pack for the new Tesla Roadster. It’s an extreme variant with performance figures higher than that of the launch car or base car, as Musk likes to call it.

I believe this is to widen the gap from another shocking manufacturer Rimac, which isn’t very far behind with it’s Concept 2.

“What we unveiled with the Roadster was the base model performance. It’s going to have a SpaceX options package. It’s crazy,” Musk said. He didn’t offer any further details, but with the standard car already having something called a “plaid mode” (for the uninformed, that is – like ‘Ludicrous Mode’ – a Spaceballs reference)


Why is Tesla continuing to push the limits? The average buyer clearing doesn’t NEED to experience g-forces similar to a fighter jet, yet Musk still pushes ahead. The reason?  Musk explains– “It’s all about challenging the “halo effect” of petrol-powered cars. It’s important for us to show with the Roadster that an electric vehicle can outperform a gasoline car in every way.”

To handle all that power, the Tesla Roadster will also have an enhanced driving mode. Elon Musk tweeted, “(It) Will also have Augmented Mode that will massively enhance human driving ability. Like a flying metal suit, but in car form”.

Elon Musk is definitely inching towards Iron Man.

The company will start production of the new Tesla Roadster in 2020. The car is likely to cost $200,000 for the base spec and $250,000 for the Founders Edition. However, the price of the SpaceX performance pack was not revealed.

Tesla unveiled the 2nd-gen Roadster last year with awe-inspiring looks and incredible performance claims. However, like current models, we feared that it will be long before we see them on roads. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Tesla from showcasing a white prototype at its shareholders meeting.

Expectedly, the new roadster looks breathtaking in sunlight.

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