Research Revealed: The Decade’s Most Instagrammable Supercars


A lot has changed in this past decade. From flip phones to iPhones, our habits of tuning into Top Gear to see the latest releases have turned into scrolling on Instagram.

Rounding up the decade, it’s our duty to share which Supercars exactly got the most eyeballs.

This list created by our friends over at Motoring Research shows the top 15 of the most Gram worthy supercars.


15. Ferrari F430 – 425,628 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

The F430 is getting on a bit in supercar terms, but the allure of the Ferrari badge hasn’t faded. We like the manual gearbox option, too. Even though it ceased production more than 10 years ago, the F430 is ranked 15th among supercars on Instagram.

14. Pagani Huayra – 456,781 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

The relatively unloved sequel to the Zonda, we’re surprised the Huayra beats the original Pagani onto this list. At its reveal in 2011, this multi-million-pound boutique beast was the must-have hypercar, with the likes of Kanye West getting behind the wheel. Once the Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche hybrids came out a couple of years later, though, they rather stole the Huayra’s thunder.

13. Ford GT – 458,001 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

The Ford GT still seems like the supercar of the moment, four years on from its reveal. Such is its rarity, and the folklore around how you qualify to buy one. It’s also arguably the only true ‘race car for the road’ on sale today – and looks incredible, too. It packs more presence than cars twice its price.

12. Lamborghini Murcielago – 483,561 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Like the F430, this is a bit of an ageing warrior. But like the Diablo and Countach before it, the Murcielago was the poster car for a generation. That happens to be the Instagram generation, so it stands to reason that the Murcielago holds some Insta-weight.

11. Ferrari 488 GTB – 635,589 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

This mid-engined V8 prancing horse has only just been put out to pasture. As such, in the minds of many casual observers scrolling through Instagram posts, this is the latest and greatest. A strong presence on social media for the GTB seems guaranteed for years to come.

10. Bugatti Chiron – 663,093 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

This is unequivocally the hypercar of the moment. Owning a Bugatti Chiron tells anyone and everyone that you’ve made it. The most recent variant also tells people that, should you wish – and given a straight enough stretch of road – you could top 300mph.

9. Bugatti Veyron – 821,706 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Capable of 300mph it may be, but the Chiron can’t escape the shadow of its predecessor: the epochal Bugatti Veyron. The original speed king for the new millennium, it outscores its successor on Instagram.

8. Honda NSX – 1,033,656 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

The hybrid Honda from Japan does better still, online at least. With more than one million hashtags, there is a palpable buzz surrounding this electrified exotic.

7. Ferrari LaFerrari – 1,040,383 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Ferrari makes a triumphant return as we near the top of the list. The LaFerrari is still the jewel in the Italian marque’s crown. However, we wonder if that screaming V12 does as much for its Instagram presence as the fact Justin Bieber is a fan.

6. McLaren P1 – 1,088,026 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Perhaps more legendary than the car itself was the rivalry the LaFerrari had with close contemporaries. It found a worthy foe in McLaren’s shrink-wrapped, aero-obsessed and electrified P1. Like its F1 ancestor, it cemented itself as one of the hypercar greats.

5. Lamborghini Gallardo – 1,246,387 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

One of the most public automotive rivalries couldn’t topple the people’s Lamborghini. The Gallardo showed us what a mass-produced raging bull could look like. When production ended in 2013, more than 14,000 had been built. At the time, that was as many Gallardos as all the other Lamborghinis ever made.

4. Ferrari 458 Italia – 1,577,067 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Ferrari’s 458 is another supercar for the social media age. It performed like few others, dropped jaws with its looks and buckled knees with its noise. It’s surely part of the reason for the strict rules on how people drive their supercars in London.

3. Lamborghini Huracan – 2,454,737 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

We’ve come a long way from the Murcielago, and the F430 that started this list. With its monstrous V10 engine, the Huracan took the Gallardo’s mass appeal and modernised it. It opens the top three most Instagrammed supercars, breaking the two million mark.

2. Audi R8 – 3,101,951 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Its comparatively reserved German sibling meanwhile, ups the ante to more than three million. It just goes to show that style trumps flamboyance and that a familiar badge goes a long way. The R8 is perhaps the least exotic supercar on this list, but it finishes in second place, above Bugattis and a Pagani.

1. Lamborghini Aventador – 3,309,068 hashtags

Most popular supercars on Instagram

Nonetheless, it can’t quite topple the Aventador: the king of supercars on Instagram. Not a single summer’s night goes by without central London streets echoing to the sound of an Aventador on the rev limiter, with all phone cameras aimed squarely in its direction.

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