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A Purple Apollo IE Is Roaming the Streets of Geneva


We’ve all seen the White Apollo IE, aka White Dragon, but last week, another dragon has popped up. This time, it’s his brother, a mean looking… Purple Intensa Emozioni.

Apollo, the company intent on making a hypercar that not only makes Lamborghinis look tame, but insanely fast too, is in Geneva for the auto show. But here’s the catch. It’s not IN the show, it’s roaming  loose around the streets, whipping it’s tail on unseen crowds no matter where it’s heading.

 purple apollo
A glorious spec. I thought the White Apollo was nuts, but purple is pure deliciousness.
What do you think of the purple and gold spec? Reminds me of the infamous Pagani Huayra 730s, previously owned by Salamondrin, now by Ferrari Collector David Lee.
If you think the Mclaren Senna’s wings are big, this is just mind blowing.
That’s one mean looking exhaust. If only it could breath fire…

The marketing angle is that over the next few days, if you spot the car and take a picture and tag it #FINDTHEIE on some social network, the company says they might #slideinyourdm and give you a ride on the beast.

Not bad Apollo. Not bad.

It’s a pretty cool way to do things, breaking away from the car show traditions of hiding all the goodies behind closed doors, this company is letting their creation run mayhem around the city.


For those of you still reading, turn your sounds up and enjoy the V12 symphony:

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