New Lamborghini Edition Go Kart Announced


If there’s one thing that all automotive enthusiasts, and just about everyone else, can agree on it’s that go karting is way too much fun. If you’re one of the many that goes to the track for league nights or just free races,  you know that go karting is addictive and if you could do it every day, you would.

Well, for Lamborghini fans, Xiaomi has just announced just the thing for you. The new Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition is a stylish and intuitive way to race around your neighborhood in a go kart. This special edition go kart actually consists of a Segway Ninebot S connected to a special kit that converts the two-wheel’s transporter into a go kart. Making this Lamborghini Edition more special is the new livery, rear spoiler, custom tires and more. We haven’t found a way to purchase this edition in the United States as it looks to only be available in China with a price tag of 9,999 Chinese Yuan, which equates to just under $1,500 USD.

However, the Ninebot Gokart kit is currently for sale now at $849.99. You can see it by clicking the button below.

Felix Yim
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