Italdesign Zerouno Duerta Roadster Worth $1.4 Million?


A total of 5 hardtop versions of the Italdesign Zerouno were made. As one of the most exclusive cars out there, along with the Lykan and Apollo IE, the Zerouno is not short of edgy design elements.

Owned by the VW Group, which also owns Lamborghini, Italdesign’s main focus is to produce practical concept models based upon Volkswagen Group products. The Zerouno, evidently is based upon…

Wait for it.

The Lamborghhini Huracan !

The hardtop Zerouno that came out in 2017 sits on a modular chassis constructed from carbon fibre and aluminium. The stunning bodywork is made entirely from carbon fibre and measures around 40 centimetres longer than the Huracan and around 5 cm wider. Scoops and aerodynamic parts are plenty and should help create high levels of downforce.

This year’s roadster , Italdesign did more than just cut off the roof – the rear cockpit and engine cover were completely redesigned to ensure the Duerta was as structurally sound as the standard Zerouno. A pair of roll bars for the occupants were added, and the engine cover has a lowered center portion.

Now that sounds cool and all.

But is it worth the $1.4 mil?

With that price, the Zeruno is creeping into hypercar territory.

Does it have the the latest tech like the Mclaren Senna?


But then again. That’s not what this car is for.

The people who buy a car like this doesn’t care about the top speed. Or the best aero.

They buy it purely based on looks.

And personally, I think this car looks insane.

But based on looks, can this compete with the Apollo IE?

We’ll let you decide on that.

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