How Flipping the Bugatti Chrion Could Destroy the Market


The Bugatti Chrion is one stunning hypercar.

A top speed rumored to surpass 500km/h.

An iconic shape that follows ‘form follows performance’.

An interior that outclasses it’s competitors.

Some may even say the Chrion continues to hold the crown in the supercar world.

But that’s not why everyone puts an order in for one.

It still feels like the Bugatti Chiron just started shipping to customers in America. It feels like it has barely been a year (if that) since the first US delivery. As of writing this, DuPont Registry has 4 Buggati Chiron’s listed, with an asking price of $4.3 million.

That’s nearly 150% of the sticker price !

So, why is this a problem?

Isn’t a high resell value from flippers a good thing for the owners who hold?

NO 🙁

Unlike tradition economics, where holding an asset that appreciated that fast is a plus for everyone, these owners are millionaries. The more Chirons on the market, the faster they drop in price.

A 150% over sticker will only stick around for a matter of months. Soon after, the value is drop.

It could crush the Chiron market and make many of their loyal customers with deposits for cars that are 2-3 years out rethink their orders. It’s a real shame because the Chiron is an AMAZING car to drive and I LOVE the way it looks but these guys kill the market for the real enthusiasts.

Should Bugatti hold their dealers responsible?

This is not a good look or good start for the Pride of France.

Felix Yim
the authorFelix Yim
Founder & Journalist of Society of Speed
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