Aspark Owl Electric Supercar Breaks the Tesla Roadster’s Record


Remember how we use to think 0-60 in 3 seconds was mind blowing?

Almost to the point where if we wanted to go any faster, we would need to install a flux capacitor.

But actually, that wasn’t that long ago.

It was only last year.

Let me introduce to you, the all new Aspark Owl.  A Japanese electric supercar currently under development.

The makers claim that the Owl will accelerate from 0-62 mph in under 2 seconds, which is a bold claim but apparently, they have figures to prove it. Recently, Aspark got in touch with Motor Trend to share V-Box data of the acceleration runs.

After sifting through the raw data, Motor Trend found out that in one of the runs, the Owl managed to hit 60 mph in just 1.6 seconds!

That’s faster than the Tesla Model S P100D which clocked 2.28 seconds to 60 mph in a previous test conducted by the publication.

So, how does the Aspark Owl manage to clock such insane acceleration times?

According to the company, the Owl packs 429 hp and 563 lb-ft from two electric motors. Also, the car weighs less than 1900 lbs. During the test, the car was fitted with pre-warmed racing slicks. Also, the car was using super capacitors instead of batteries. Super capacitors are able to discharge large amounts of energy extremely quickly, which explains the sudden burst of acceleration.


It is still unclear if the Aspark Owl will reach series production. But, if it does, it won’t come cheap.

Rumours suggest that it might be priced upwards of $4 million!

Felix Yim
the authorFelix Yim
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