The Ariel Atom Is the Craziest Car You Can Drive on the Road


I first got into cars when I watched Top Gear.  This was back when Jeremy and the gang was still with them. I remember one of the first eposides I watched, they showcased one of the coolest road cars I’ve even seen.  Before I got sucked into the world of Mclarens and Paganis, one car caught my eye.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

All I wanted to do was drive it on the road.

Show up to school in it.

This car… was the Ariel Atom.

No doors, no roof, no compromise. It’s unique, it’s original and nothing else comes close. Nothing at all. Form following function and design with a purpose. Race car engineering and quality components outclassing every car in its field. In performance the Atom surpasses practically any vehicle. Serious motor sport or ultimate fun, the Atom delivers.



Felix Yim
the authorFelix Yim
Founder & Journalist of Society of Speed
A rich life, is a life where you can drive on sports mode and not worry about fuel consumption.