What Happens When a Tesla Roadster Is Given a Back to the Future Modification?

What would back to the future look like if it was filmed in 2019?

tesla back to the future

Which year do you want to go back to?

Despite being one of the most iconic cars in the automotive and film history, the original Back to the Future DMC was known for its unreliability.

From engine problems to interior finishing quality issues, the actual DMC Delorean isn’t really a car you want to be relying on when you go visit the dinosaurs.

This is why one talented artist Carlie Nghiem on Instagram has given the 1985 time machine an update with a Tesla Roadster.

Featuring all the original Back to the Future tech like the Flux Capacitor, this modern update has everything it needs to jump time with a few advantages over its predecessor…


What updates does a tesla have over the DMC? Well first off,  Musk says the Roadster will go from 0-60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds, so for the machine jump into space-time, it needs to reach 88 miles per hour. By doing some basic maths, (1.9/60 x 88) we get 2.79 seconds.

That means, in less than 3 seconds, the car can reach enough speed to jump through time, and because of the instant torque, the car won’t need as long of a runway to reach that speed.

Making the iconic scene where if Marty doesn’t reach 88 miles an hour in time, he’ll crash into the building not as intense.

Plus, Doc might need to redo his calculations so the car is in time with the lightning strike.

Forgot about that scene?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…

The brushed aluminium finish to match the original DMC gives the car the iconic futuristic look.

Loving the back…

Definitely, a way to make an entrance.

For my Lamborghini fans, has anyone noticed the new interior patterns looks suspiciously like the flux capacitor?

Forgot the scene where Marty first gets in the Delorean? Watch this:

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