Bought a New Car? Here are 5 Tips to Make Space In Your Garage


It can be easy for garage space to get out of control. We are all guilty of it. Tidying and decluttering the house by storing unwanted things in the garage; neglecting to put away those tools from the weekend of gardening; leaving bicycles wherever we can find a space after a long day. Out of sight, out of mind. A garage is already a dedicated storage space, so it’s easy to just dump things there and forget about them. That is until you suddenly need the space, like when purchasing a new car.


Whether you need space for a new purchase or simply want to make access easier, tidying up your garage is easier than it seems. Here are our top 5 tips to help you get started.


Organise Zones, Pick a Starting Point


Even the most mammoth of tasks can be made easy by breaking them down into a series of smaller ones, and tidying up is no different. Start by dividing your garage space into different zones based on usage and take it from there. This will not only make the task feel more surmountable but will also give you a clear plan for where to place things.


Tackle the largest objects first as these will always be the hardest to fit in so it’s best to work around them; this includes things such as machinery (e.g. table saws), sports equipment (bicycles), and of course vehicles.


Install Smarter Storage Options


Smart storage solutions can save you a lot of floor space, which is ideal if you want to use your garage for both general storage and as a place to park your car. Several smart storage solutions are available so consider all the options to find the best fit for you:


Overhead Storage: Hoisting things up into overhead storage may be slightly less convenient when it comes time to access them, but it’s also a great way to keep them out of the way and free up floor space.


Shelves: From off-the-rack to custom-designed solutions, industrial-grade to stylish modern, the range of shelving available is vast. Shop around and find the best solution for the space you have and the items you wish to store.


Pegboard: A perfect solution for storing small, regularly used items in an easy-to-access and keep tidy way. You can move the pegs and hooks around to hang a variety of things both big and small.


Sell or Dispose of Big Items


Free up large amounts of space by cleaning out the old appliances in your garage that haven’t been used in years. Large items take up the most space so should be your priority when deciding what is no longer needed and what you don’t use. You can even turn your garage clean-up into some profit by selling the larger items in better condition. Properly dispose of or recycle the older items that have seen their fair share of wear or are simply too old to be worth much anymore.


Store Garden Tools in a Shed


Utilising a dedicated garden storage solution for all your gardening and outdoor cleaning supplies (hoses, lawnmowers, gardening tools, soil etc) is a great way to clear up space in your garage. It will also save you time when you’re working on the garden, saving you from having to go searching for the shovel or move the car to get the wheelbarrow out.


Regularly Maintain It


Once your decluttering and tidying work is complete, and you have space to park your brand-new car, the most important thing is to keep it that way. No garage starts life out messy, they get there from years of procrastinating away organising and tidying.


If you want to see the greatest benefit from your hard work and ensure you always have space, maintaining your tidying efforts regularly — ideally once or twice a year — is a must.


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