This Luxury Porsche Design Miami High-Rise Comes With a Car Elevator


A new skyscraper in the Miami skyline is a Porsche lover’s nirvana. It’s called the Porsche Design Tower and every inch of this Sunny Isles Beach high-rise is inspired by the sleek German sports car. It’s even been described as a Porsche piston rising from the shoreline.

But the Porsche Design Tower also has a special feature — residents can drive their cars right into their apartments.

Check out a Savage Garage’s home tour here:

CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich” was granted exclusive access to the swanky residence. Take a look inside:

CNBC: Alicia Keys performs at Porsche Design Tower launch
Alicia Keys performs at the Porsche Design Tower launch party.
Source: CNBC

The tower opened earlier this year to fanfare: a launch party included hundreds of Porsche loving VIPs, a giant fireworks show and a live performance by Grammy winner Alicia Keys.

ONE TIME USE: Porsche Design Tower signage
The Porsche Design Tower towers over Sunny Isles at 60 stories.
Source: Dezer Development

The building itself is an architectural homage to Porsche. The same fiberglass and suede that you’d find in a Porsche is integrated into some of the building’s common areas.

“Porsche’s tagline is, ‘Engineer luxury.’ And that’s exactly what we did here,” tower developer, Gil Dezer, tells “Secret Lives of the Super Rich.”


The patented technology behind the car elevator — dubbed the “Dezervator” — allows drivers to be seated inside the vehicle during the elevator ride, something that existing technologies didn’t offer.
The “Dezervator” can whisk a driver and their car to any apartment in the tower in 75 seconds.

A pair of glass elevators (called “Dezervators,” after the developer) whisk residents and their rides up to any of the building’s 132 units. Each apartment comes with its own personal garage, and the building has a car concierge who will wash your car, rotate its tires and even perform routine maintenance.

CNBC: Porsche Design Tower Dezervators2
ONE TIME USE: Porsche Design Tower interior windows
Each apartment has floor to ceiling windows.

Luxury hits overdrive in the tower’s units, the cheapest of which goes for $6 million.

ONE TIME USE: Porsche Design Tower pool
Each unit comes with a pool overlooking Sunny Isles Beach.

In addition to the garages, each residence has its own balcony equipped with a private pool where you can soak in epic views of the Atlantic.

ONE TIME USE: Porsche Design Tower racing simulator
The racing simulator puts residents in the driver’s seat.

And that’s not all. Residents have full access to the tower’s state-of-the-art spa, fine-dining restaurant and a high-tech racing simulator.

CNBC: Sunny Isles Beach penthouse
The penthouse boasts killer views of Sunny Isles Beach.
Source: CNBC

But the crowned jewel of the Porsche Design Tower is its four-story penthouse that will lift you and your car to new heights for a cool $32.5 million. A quick ride in the Dezervator delivers your wheels to the top floor mega-apartment where you can then roll them right into your living room.

Says Dezer: “If you’re an art collector, you put art on the wall. So why not put the car in your living room?”

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