$1.5M Pagani Zonda featured in This Miami condo


What’s the one thing more opulent than tearing around town in your $1.5 million, 750-horsepower Italian race car? Mounting the fire-breathing beast sideways as a room divider in your luxury residence. This is exactly what the owner of a rare Pagani Zonda R supercar—reportedly one of just 15 manufactured—did inside their $8 million oceanfront Miami condo.


Installing the Pagani

Installing the vehicle was no easy feat. Artefacto Home Staging enlisted the help of an exterior crane to hoist the sleek piece of literal automotive art into the air and through the home’s balcony doors. Once inside, the sports car was rotated into a custom aluminium and carbon fibre stand engineered to complement the Zonda’s aggressive aerodynamics.

The placement gives the illusion that the vehicle is floating between the 4,200-square-foot home’s living room and master suite. The car inspired the surrounding interior decor, also by Artefacto. Although the identity of the owner and the location of the home was not made public, the building’s balconies bear an uncanny resemblance to one upscale development in Surfside.


Locking up the Beast?

Fear not buckweak!

The owner has made is very clear that he is against any sorts of animal cruelty, and states that the Pagani is just the shell.


There is a lot of talk about the Zonda that I have in my house. First of all, it's not my Zonda Revolution Black Minion. This is just a work of art. Structurally will never be able to receive an engine or the entire mechanical part. I would never condemn Black Minion to being locked in a living room. Race cars are for driving 😈🌚. Se hablo mucho del Zonda que tengo en mi casa . Primero que todo, no es mi Zonda Revolucion Black Minion . Esto es solamente una obra de arte. Estructuralmente jamas va a poder recibir un motor o toda la parte mecanica . Jamas condenaria a Black Minion a estar encerrado en un living. Los autos de carrera son para manejar😈🌚. #darkminion #blackminion #pagani #carbonfiber #rideordie #miami #paganizonda #zondar

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The Pagani room divider is the latest—and arguably most eccentric—instance of Miami’s luxury homebuyers blurring the line between real estate and exotic automobiles. One needs to look no further than the “sky garages” of Porsche Design Tower and the upcoming Aston Martin Residences to see that Magic City has a serious affinity towards sports cars.

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