Best Road Trips In Australia In 2021


Getting away has felt more necessary than ever this year. Though in Australia we’ve been relatively lucky in comparison with most of the world when it comes to fighting the pandemic, restrictions have also led us to stay at home more, holiday less. 

But there’s never been a better time to hit the open road and explore all of the beauty spots and iconic outdoor sights Australia has to offer. When we can’t travel overseas, it’s time to explore our backyard. 

Australia’s 5 Best Road Trip Routes

Whether you’re taking off on a winter adventure in your new campervan, planning for spring, or organising the trip of a lifetime for summer, there is an abundance of opportunity awaiting. The following round-up of five of the very best routes will help you plan easier.

1. The Great Ocean Road

Starting with one of the most popular road trips there is, The Great Ocean Road is much loved for good reason. The 243 kilometre route will take you through long stretches of some of the most beautiful coastline you’ll ever see, before leading you to some of Victoria’s most unforgettable sights.

Take in the Twelve Apostles just off the Port of Campbell National Park, see a 19th century shipwreck, and catch sight of the rainforest along the way. You could also consider stopping for a spot of surfing or some kangaroo-watching during the drive to make your road trip even more memorable.  

2. Grand Pacific Drive

Another exquisite Australian road trip is Grand Pacific Drive in New South Wales, which starts south of Sydney. Begin your 140 kilometre journey in the Royal National Park and follow it round to the Victoria border, stopping at the charming coastal cities of Wollongong, Shellharbour, and Shoalhaven along the way.

During the drive, you’ll also get the chance to stop in Kiama and, if you’re lucky, see the Kiama blowhole in action. And, if all that wasn’t enough, there are stunning beaches, towering cliff faces, and the legendary Sea Cliff Bridge to soak up as you go.

3. Sydney to Phillip Island

An ideal road trip for animal lovers, this drive from Sydney to Melbourne includes a stop at Phillip Island, a popular day trip off the waters of the Western Port. Enjoy an experience you’ll never forget as you witness the parade of little penguins heading to their burrows as the sun goes down or, not too far away, watch for seals from the island’s Seal Rocks.

Along the rest of the drive, you’ll get to see dramatic coastlines and crystal clear waters stretching out ahead of you. Other notable spots of natural beauty include the rainforests of Tarra Bulga National Park and winding rivers.

You should be able to find free camping spots along the way, too, which will be a necessity for this 1,500 kilometre journey.

4. The Nullarbor Plain

Take in more of the outback with a road trip across the Nullarbor plain. Driving along the Eyre Highway, you’ll find yourself in remote areas that other famous drives won’t take you through. Ideal for those of a more adventurous disposition, you’ll see forests, plains, and get the chance to make a detour to the Balladonia Rocks and Eyre Bird Observatory.

If travelling by campervan, make sure it has adequate plumbing and pack enough food, water, and spare fuel for the trip. There’s a good chance you’ll need it during your week-long drive across 1,250 kilometres of semi-arid country plain.

5. The Big Lap

Not for the fainthearted, The Big Lap is a road trip that will take you to several of the country’s capital cities over the course of about half a year. During the mammoth 15,000 kilometre drive, you’ll experience all that Australia has to offer, from quaint and cosy coastal towns to incredible beaches, vast expanses of rainforest, and large, dusty plains.

This is the ultimate road trip, sure to leave any person in awe of Australia’s astonishing variety of unforgettable sights. To make it work, you’ll need to plan ahead. So, start mapping out your route now, make all the arrangements you need to, and decide on your mode of transport.  

Road Tripping In Australia In 2021

There are few places in the world with more natural beauty than Australia. So, take advantage of all the exciting new places, some of which may be right outside your front door, and get set to embark on the Aussie road trip of a lifetime.

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